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White Tea

White tea originates from the Fujian province of China. The leaves go through very little processing and are therefore not oxidized in any of the ways that other teas are. The leaves are picked while the buds are still closed and covered by fine white hair. Once that is done they are dried in the sun.

Due to the lack of processing it is as close to it's natural state as it can be. It's antioxidant content is very high surpassing even green tea. These health benefits have made it one of the most sought after teas.

It can be more expensive than green tea because of the small time gap available for picking. It also consists of two leaves and a bud available for picking only when the time is right.

The primary regions of white tea production are China and Japan however the Darjeeling region also produces some excellent white tea.

Health Benefits

It has been shown to have greater levels of antioxidants than other teas. Some studies indicate that it may be 5 times more effective than green tea in combating cancer. White tea is a smart healthy choice of beverage for everyone.


When it's dry it appears green with some very light yellow color in there as well. The name white tea is derived from the fact that the leaves have a white colored fuzz when it is picked.

How to brew

Fresh water is always the best for any tea. Try for spring water or at least filtered water.

Teapot: Pre-warm the pot.
Water: Very hot or steaming. Seconds before it boils but not boiling. If it's boiling the tea will be bitter.
Brew: 1 - 4 minutes (adjust for taste)

Tip: If you do happen to boil the water then take the kettle off the heat and set a timer for 1 minute. Now pour the water over your tea.

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