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Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a popular drink however they are not a tea from the Camellia Sinesis plant. As a matter of fact the proper name for them is Tisanes. Tisanes are made by infusing a herb or blend of herbs in freshly boiled water. These types of teas have been enjoyed for centuries for their medicinal properties but they have also been enjoyed for the wonderful flavors they produce.

Some herbal teas also contain ingredients other than herbs to increase flavor. Since herbal teas contain no caffeine they are a perfect tea for the evening when one might not want the amounts of caffeine present in black tea or green tea.

Health Benefits

The medicinal properties of herbal teas are great and varied. There are far too many to list here and would take up an entire book in itself.


The appearance of the dry tea would usually be green as most herbs are green. When brewed the liquid is a varied color from light tan to dark red depending on the herb or blend of herbs used.

How to brew

Teapot: Pre-warm the pot.
Water: Lightly boiling. The second it boils pour the water
Brew: 5 - 15 minutes (adjust for taste)

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